Myself and Andrew Baillie will be recording a series of podcasts talking about the films discussed in my book.

What to Expect

Well, we talk about the plot of the movie, but not in depth. We’re not trying to do a summary here. We are instead trying to discuss the movie in an intelligent (although brief) fashion.

Andrew is a horror movie novice; I watch these movies every day. We conceived of the podcast as being an interesting combination of those two elements.

Go easy on us – we’re both nerds or thereabouts, not great radio voices and we talk over each other helter skelter. We’re new to this podcasting stuff.

Dracula’s Daughter – Show Notes

Dracula’s Daughter (Wikipedia)

Hays Production Code (Wikipedia)

A Vampire in the Mirror: Sexuality in Dracula


Sleepless in Seattle

Dracula’s Daughter/Son of Dracula (Universal Studios Dracula Double Feature) on Amazon

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