All Godless Here

Our podcast spun out of a self-publishing project that I launched in late 2014, a short book called “All Godless Here.” The book was a series of short essays on my favorite horror movies from Old Hollywood. My friend Andrew agreed to discuss the movies with me in a podcast.

Link to all episodes 

Highlights: The Most Dangerous Game, The Black Cat

Vincent Price

After finishing our initial run of episodes, we took a hiatus and produced episodes intermittently for a time. We eventually began what has proven to be our most popular series of episodes, on Vincent Price.

Link to all the episodes in the Vincent Price series

Highlights: The Haunted Palace, The Abominable Dr Phibes

The Future of the Podcast

We’re having a good time making the show. It’s fun — we hang out and drink a beer and watch a movie. A few thousand people listen every month now, which boggles my mind. I’ve committed internally to making the show better, but it is a hobby and like everyone, I’m a pretty busy guy. So the improvements may be slow. Right now we’re doing a really fun series on foreign films. I think that will take us through most of 2017 until Summer 2018 when we start our next series.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, the best place to find us is on twitter. I’m @thewatermethod and Andrew is @PizzaPranks.

You can also email me at We’d really love to hear from you if you like the show.

How We Make the Podcast

We record on a Blue Yeti around my living room table. I edit the show in Audacity, host the audio on Simplecast. I also made the website (it’s what I do). If you need a website, I can help you. Additionally, the theme for the site, a WordPress site, is available on Github. It is built to work with the Powerpress plugin.