Halloween is over and the world has taken a dark, strange turn. In response, Andrew and Matt watch the dark, strange 1968 Vincent Price film The Witchfinder General.

Matthew Hopkins was  a real, terrible person. You can find out more about him on Wikipedia. You can also find out more information on witch trials in England. And more about the English Civil War. Everything I learned about the English Civil War, I learned from Luther Arkwright.

Andrew and I get a little philosophical on this one. Hope that doesn’t bother you too much. We also talk about Star Trek for awhile, and I also mention A Field in England and we talk briefly about Folk horror. I’d like to write more about that subject as time goes on – hopefully I can find the time to do so.

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The Cast of Characters

Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins
Ian Oglivy as Richard Marshall
Hilary Dwyer as Sara
Rupert Davies as John Lowes
Robert Russell as John Stearne
Patrick Wymark as Oliver Cromwell.
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