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Pierrot by Aubrey Beardsley

Pierrot by Aubrey Beardsley

I, Matt Bevilacqua am a web developer and writer from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I have always loved horror movies, especially movies drawn from the Gothic and Victorian eras. You may have read my previous novel I HAVE STABBED THE WORLD IN ITS HEART, which is currently unavailable, but will hopefully be available for free download again soon.

You may find me on twitter @thewatermethod or on tumblr at the same.



The book is illustrated by choke fiend and brony extraordinaire Gino Vasconcelos.

His twitter is @KiwiMonsta.

andrew baillie

Andrew Baillie contributes to the podcast. He’s been a real sport about watching movies with Una O’Connor in them. He makes games at Pizza Pranks.